Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Khan Academy

Just spent the last 10 minutes choking up. For years and years I would never cry, not for anything, not for my children being born, not for my parents dying. Lately I find myself crying when I find somebody who is doing exactly the right things with his/her life. I say 'find myself' because I am still surprised by my own reaction.

This morning, on my porch, I am spending some time exploring the work of Sal Khan,
When I'm 80, I want to feel that I helped give access to a world-class education to billions of students around the world. Sounds a lot better than starting a business that educates some subset of the developed world that can pay $19.95/month and eventually selling it to some text book company or something. I already have a beautiful wife, a hilarious son, two hondas and a decent house. What else does a man need?

If you believe in trying to make the best of the finite number of years we have on this planet (while not making it any worse for anyone else), think that pride and self-righteousness are the cause of most conflict and negativity, and are humbled by the vastness and mystery of the Universe, then I'm the same religion as you.

As the old world dies, the new world is being born every day. Brighter and better than anything we have ever seen. Enjoy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

84 seconds of 100% guaranteed goodness.

Play Christian's music video and spend the next 84 seconds feeling like you always want to feel. Very much a proud papa, but with very good reason. Hear more at

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures Should Speak for Themselves

As a photographer I have always deeply believed that a picture (or video) should speak for itself. That is, it should not need any accompanying explanation from the photographer. The two videos below, for Obama and for Tiger, clearly can stand on their own. I can feel my brain getting excited when I view these videos. Enjoy! Thanks.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishes for my Blog

I want to share ideas, insights, learnings from my experiences. I want to describe how I got started, what worked, what still works. I want to write about how it feels to work with artists, to be a freelancer, what it's like doing what you love every day of your life and being able to support yourself and your family nicely.
I want to use this blog to think through and get feedback for what I am working on now, for what I want to work on, considering options, exploring alternatives, finding best practices, collaborating. I want to share good findings, good ideas, good moments, wherever and in whatever form I find them: good movies, good books, good places, good experiences, good people.
I feel the need to feed, not just get fed, by the network. Rediscovering, recreating, reinforcing, proactively sharing, becoming more transparent, more linked, not just watching, but participating. I wish through this blog to help open doors for others, and to have doors open for me.